We are a start up in the space of production and sale of organic seeds or open pollinated seeds. We specialize in catering to the needs off Organic seed produced in an organic farm under organic conditions & parameters.Certified Organic seed need to comply by the NPOP norms set by APEDA. We felt the need to minimize to provide the Farmers option of easy availability of organic seeds so as to overcome the negative fallout of hybrid seedslike chemical usage, higher nutrient composition and genetic diversity. In a nutshell we aim to move from Varietal development to organic seeds and inputs. Our focus areas are to encourage Open pollinated varieties to preserve genetic diversity in crop & providing Natural resource based organic inputs used in seed production plots to build immunity in plants against pests, diseases & adverse or stress conditions. There is now acceptance amongst consumers for Premium price for organic produce with increasing demand encouraging farmers to “Go Organic…”

Organic Seeds

PrakritOPSeeds Delivers Trusted Organic Seeds to Farmers across India to Help them Move Over from the practice of using hybrid Seeds. Our Seeds adheres to NPOP standards

Organic Inputs

We enable farmers to source authentic organic inputs for their crops adhering to Government set standards and certifications.


Coming Soon: PrakritOPSeeds also Intends t bring buyers and sellers together for Organic Produce of Farmers and turn enabler for fetching higher Marketing prices for their produce


PRAKRIT Tantra consults farmers in effective introducing organic farming processes quickly and solves their issues in terms of knowledge and practices.