What is Organic seeds?

Organic seed is produced in an organic farm under organic conditions & parameters.
Certified Organic seed need to comply by the NPOP norms set by APEDA.

Conventional Seeds

–> Varietal development is mainly focused on hybrid breeding, which aims for higher yield, off-season suitability, pest & disease resistance.
–> It performs well only on high fertilizer doze leading to additional irrigation requirement.
–> Higher nutrient consumption (NPK) results to higher pest & disease incidence.
–> More & frequent need of chemical usage leading to increased susceptibility in the variety, simultaneously development of resistant strains in pest & diseases.
–> Genetic diversity is being continuously lost.
–> Conventional seed performs erratically in organic farms.

Benefits of Organic Seeds

–> Open pollinated varieties are encouraged to preserve genetic diversity in crop
–> Organic manure in the form of Compost is used in varietal development & seed production plots to enrich soil fertility which contains balanced Macro & Micro nutrients along with desirable biological properties & other soil parameters.
–> Balanced nutrient & divers genetic population with in same species produces more vigorous plants.
–> Natural resource based organic preparations used in seed production plots build immunity in plants against pests, diseases & adverse or stress conditions.
–> Organic seed perform optimum in organic farms.

Organic seed treatment

–> Organic seeds are not treated before storage or packing.
–> Storage condition for organic seeds is well protected by organic methods.
–> Seed treatment in organic seeds is recommended before sowing.
–> Natural products like Cow urine or salt water or warm water is used for seed treatment.
–> Cow dung is used for palleting of organic seed to improve germination.

Scope for Organic Seeds

–> Organic seeds are proving to be mandatory in organic farming due to continuous failure of conventional seed’s performance in organic farms specially hybrid varieties..
–> High cost of conventional hybrid seeds combined with increasing cost of other inputs like chemical fertilizers & pesticides compelling the farmers to adopt organic farming.
–> Deterioration in soil health combined with irreparable damage to ecology is making both farmers & consumers more health conscious.
–> Premium price for organic produce with increasing demand encouraging farmers to
“Go Organic…”