Our Team

United through their commitment to the organic clause the multi discipline team has well rounded experience in various aspects of agricultural production, marketing and business management.


Harish is the engine that drives the mission of Prakrit OP seeds. An agriculturist  and MBA with global marketing exposure who loves to explore the remotest reaches of India, Harish has committed to marry farmers welfare and commercial success of this venture. Embracing the leadership role and accessing his skills of networking and marketing he will ensure the Prakrit OP seeds becomes the preferred brand for all organic farmers in India and beyond.



Akhilesh Narayan Sahi- Agriculturists, Social researcher and a friend of the farmers with over 3 decades of experience in the rural sector. Extensive travelling all across rural India has given him important insights on Indian farming and farmers. Well versed with government and institutional procedure he is a key founding member of Prakrit OP seeds. He is responsible for processing, packaging, logistics and accounting.


Arun Prakash Sathyanesan is a master in agricultural science and one of the few agriculturists who made it their profession. Practically doing farming since more than 3 decades. He brings the grassroots experience to Prakrit OP Seeds. Arun has been in corporate farming as well as connected to farmers in rural Tamilnadu helping them with more than just knowledge.


Kaushik is an graduate in Agriculture and an MBA. With over 3 decades of experience in India and abroad. Exposure to social and marketing research, advertising and sales and marketing has helped in building a reservoir of knowledge that can be put to good use for Prakrit OP seeds. As the Organic way way of life gets more wide spread he is well set to contribute to it in a big way.