We are on the verge of another revolution in agriculture, post the green and white revolutions, an organic revolution. As healthy lifestyle becomes a motto and consumers demand for clean natural food ingredients increases there is an increased effort by public and private sector bodies to satisfy the demand. We surveyed the market and realized that quite a few farmers have felt shortage of organic seeds. Next few years will be watershed period in the industry and we strive to take it towards culmination right from the seed which is the first input for cultivation.


Prakrit OP Seeds is committed towards playing a part in fulfilling the emerging demand by providing truly organic open-pollinated vegetable seeds and other consumables like hazel nuts growing in the wild, wall nuts, saffron, shilajit, red kidney beans, moringa, gucchi and other products. Our old association with the remotes of Himalayas and other organic plots spread across different parts of India helps us bring you the best of these products which pass through all the requisite organic and bio dynamic growth practices and tests. A holistic approach is what we practice.

sabeejam sukshetre jayate sampdayate…A good seed in a good field will win and prosper…an old verse from the ancient language Sanskrit. Quality of seeds – its genetic and physical purity and percentage germination, decides the quality and yield of the produce. As a factor seeds are supposed to contribute almost 25% to the productivity and quality. Prakrit OP Seeds endeavours to offer you the best of the seeds and other organic products. The range will keep widening over next few years as we get more idea of emerging trends and demands.


Among the promoters of Prakrit OP Seeds are not only few agriculture graduates but a host of other aiders like use of fields kept barren for years to make them suitable for organic cultivation, plots in remote areas of Himalayas which are yet organic by default, foundation and breeder seeds procured from reputed sources in the countries which are already way ahead of us in organic cultivation, adherence to organic and bio dynamic farming practices and commitment of farmers to the organic cause. It’s a small beginning on the road towards a significant contribution to a healthier food habits and a better environment through organic products and services.

We have Started on a Long Path

Prakrit OP Seeds have finally launched their First Steps Towards a Healthier Society. Conceptualised by a small set of people who felt the need for healthier food Options. Now we Include besides our founder team, hundreds of small Farmers and partners. Goals remains the same of providing best sustainable environment friendly farming and healthier products.